I spent the better part of the past two days trying to decipher Robert Bolling’s penmanship and comparing his published poems to the microfiche copies I made of his journal.  I also read the story of his calamitous courting of Anne Miller, about which he wrote and published a Circumstantial Account.  In it, he tells of his outrageous displays of affection from her (in public, no less), his conversations with her father, and berates the man he holds responsible for poisoning the minds of both her and her father against him.  He then includes a collection of poetry that I’m in the process of wading through and figuring out how to illustrate.   One thing I have exceptionally enjoyed about wading through his handwritten journal (though the published one is much easier to read) is the insertion of random drawings.  This illustration is a picture of his home, which I will be attempting to locate.  He also includes a map of the area where he lived and travelled that I will be attempting to unravel on Monday.  More adventures await! 


I then went to Colonial Williamsburg to wander around and stage some of the actors there.  Most were very cooperative.  I was even given the name of a man who works with photographers there, so I will be pursuing that lead and another man who was recommended to me by an interpreter at Jamestowne.    So, the journey continues!