Robert Bolling's estate as it looks today

Today, I went to Dillwyn, Virginia in search of Chellowe, Robert Bolling’s estate.  Because he is just beginning to become popular again, there isn’t a lot of information out there, so all I knew about the location of Chellowe was the name of the town it was  in.  So, I headed out this morning with a GPS and a prayer that God would give me favor.  When searching for the town, I noticed that there was a Chellowe Street and put 2 and 2 together and figured out it may be where Chellowe was located.  Driving down the winding road, I drove past a house that looked like the internet drawings I’ve seen.  So, I drove into the driveway and over the dirt road to the house.  I had read on the internet that they were doing construction on the house, so I went looking around and found the construction crew in the back.  The head man came out, and when I explained what I was doing, gave me about an hour tour all over the house and grounds.  He showed me the parts of the house that were original and the amazing amounts the new owners had added on (They have WAY too much money.)   When we first began the tour, I showed him the picture I had of Robert Bolling’s drawing of the house.  He stopped me on one of the other pictures of Bolling’s doodling because there is a similar image in the basement carved into the wall plaster.  It was amazing how much it looked like Bolling’s doodlings.  After we toured the grounds and looked at all the amazing things in the house, he told me they have been working on the house for 15 years.  He said I was lucky to get in now, since once the owners move in, there won’t be tours.  Then, he took me to the Bolling cemetery, where I found the graves of the Bolling and Hubbard family (also unrecorded and in the middle of a cornfield–I never would have found it without him.)  There, he left me, and I went to the Buckingham County Library, where I found more information on Bolling in the records of the town.   All in all, and exceptional day of Bolling progress.