This morning (6/28/11) I got an Email from the man in charge of photography at Williamsburg. One of my biggest obstacles has been how to get the people pictures I want without having to sign wavers and all of that. Jim referred me to another man who is charge of the files at Williamsburg. He was able to send me to the director of the archives there. When they learned I had received a grant and the purpose of my project, they let me look through the entire database of commissioned portraits that have been done at Williamsburg—and they waved the normal cost of procuring these prints. They also gave me permission to use my own prints as long as I am attributing the professional ones to them and mine to me. (Unfortunately, I can’t post those on the internet.) So, instead of my having to try to catch actors without modern people around in positions that supported my poems, I was able to choose posed people who met my needs for the poems. That definitely saved me a lot of time.


Men's shaving set

I also went on a quest to find a Colonial razor set. One of Bolling’s poems is an apology for taking so long to return a razor set to a man from whom he had borrowed a razor when he left his in Williamsburg. I asked one of the tavern curators if there was a razor set inside. When I explained what I was doing, she told me of another of Bolling’s properties in Petersburg, which I will check out tomorrow. She also let me interrupt a tour and opened the glass door to actually let me walk into the exhibit to take a closer picture of the razor.


The remainder of the day I spent trying to decipher microfiche. Thankfully, I know how to interpret words in context, as it’s rather like playing Outburst. I read what I think he means, then look at the words around and the words with which it’s supposed to rhyme and figure out what the most likely word is. Slow going, but I’m through about 20 pages of my 49.