Parsonage where L.M. Montgomery lived

One of the events I wrote into my grant was Wednesday Evenings with L.M. Montgomery hosted by the Bideford Museum. Every Wednesday during the summer months, they host a reading of a Lucy Maud Montgomery short story. I planned my trip to be in PEI for four Wednesdays so I would be able to attend. Tonight (7/20/11) was my first. My mom and two nieces accompanied me. We began the evening with a tour of the parsonage where Lucy Maud Montgomery lived during her teaching career.

The official meeting time began with a girl who read a letter her great-great grandmother had written about her elopement, which took place around the town and time in which L.M. Montgomery lived. She had been in love with a man in town. Her father didn’t approve of him, so one evening, he rowed a boat over, fired a shot to let her know he was there, and togehter they rowed to New Brunswick with her disguised as a fisherman. There, they got married. Her father held a grudge over the incident for many years but eventually forgave her when he rode through town and saw a little boy who complimented his horse. He told the little boy to ask his mom if he could come home with him. The woman, knowing the man was her estranged father, told the boy to tell him he could go if the man would go talk to his mother. He did, and the two mended their relationship.

After she finished reading, we read a selection from The Story Girl which told the same story. It was fascinating to see how Lucy Maud Montgomery drew inspiration from the community around her. I also learned this is the 100th anniversary of The Story Girl, so they are trying to read selections from 100 years ago. At the conclusion of the story, we had gingersnaps and Raspberry Cordial. Quite a delightful evening.