Today (6/18/11), my mom, two of my nieces, and I set out for the second part of my grant on our way to Canada. On the way, we decided to stop off and see Robert Frost’s grave and home. Even though he is not one of the people I’m studying, Robert Frost is someone I feel a certain affinity for after having had to memorize his “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” in fourth grade (Which incidentally, I can still recite about 90% of without looking). Additionally, he wrote the Road Less Traveled, which I dearly love as well.

Robert Frost Grave

The cemetery where Robert Frost is buried is one of the most fascinating places I have visited, containing not just Robert Frost but about 20 Revolutionary War soldiers and a myriad of other interesting stones and inscriptions. Being an English and History teacher, I am drawn inexorably to the stories of the people who fought and lived and died in this area. Alas, a study for another time.

When we got to Robert Frost’s house, it was very ordinary looking. I did, however, remember another Robert Frost poem about a stone wall, and there was one bordering the house. It continually amazes me how each person’s life has the potential to affect so many people. Tomorrow, we’re looking a bit “closer to home” as we visit my dad’s family and his mother’s birthplace.

Stone Wall on Robert Frost Estate