Green Gables

Anyone who’s read or watched the classic tale Anne of Green Gables feels like it is a real place. In actuality, it was based on a collection of real places. Today (7/22/11), we went on a journey to discover a number of those places. Today, we started off at the Green Gables house, which belonged to Lucy Maud Montgomery’s relatives. Since the house is so central to the books, the proprietors have decorated it the way it is described in Anne of Green Gables, complete with the amethyst brooch, a dress for Anne with puffed sleeves, Raspberry Cordial (No red currant wine since Diana drank it all!), and the broken slate Anne broke over Gilbert’s head.

Green Gables' Gardens

Outside the house, the gardens are gorgeous! Additionally, they have the basis for “The Avenue,” which was “Lover’s Lane” in actuality, and “The Haunted Woods” where Anne falls down the well in Anne of Green Gables. Each walk takes between 25 aqnd 35 minutes, depending on how fast you walk.

From Green Gables, it’s only a short jaunt to her grandparent’s house (Of which only the foundation remains), so Maud walked to this house often. Her school is located between Green Gables and “The Cavendish home.”

Foundation of the Cavendish Home

After the Green Gables experience, we decided to drive down the coast to decide where we want to stage pictures for later use. We found a number of cool beach shots despite the rain, culminating in a visit to Dalvay by the Sea, known to Anne of Green Gables lovers as The White Sands Hotel. Finally, we came home since it was raining. Another great Anne day!

Dalvay by the Sea (White Sands)