L. M. Montgomery Birthplace

Whenever you are faced with the task of studying a person’s life, I find the best place to start is with their birth place, so we set out this morning (7/21/11) for New London to the Lucy Maud Montgomery (Maud, as she was called) birthplace. It was an incredible house that boasts Maud’s wedding dress and a collection of her scrapbooks. We got to take the house tour and see the room in which she was born. She only lived in the house until she was 21 months old when her mother contracted Tuberculosis. She then moved in with her maternal grandparents who ended up raising her.

When the receptionist learned I was here studying LMM, she sent us to the Green Gables Museum. I had initially thought The Green Gables Museum was just something for tourists, but actually, it was the house in which she was married. Her cousins owned the house and she spent many wonderful days there. It also is the place from which L.M. Montgomery drew the inspiration for the Lake of Shining Waters in Anne of Green Gables.

Wedding dress from "The Blue Chest"

Additionally, it contains the Blue Chest and wedding dress which were the basis for the story “Aunt Arabella’s Blue Chest” told in The Road to Avonlea or Rachel Ward’s blue chest in The Story Girl.
Then, we headed down to the beach in search of some good sea shots. We waded along the beach and collected shells and rocks to paint at a later time.

Finally, we headed to the post office to mail some letters. I discovered that Maud had helped her grandmother run the post office after her grandfather died. It was from this Post Office that she sent out the Anne of Green Gables manuscript (6 times! before it was accepted.) Then, we headed home. All in all an incredible day!