Today (7/23/11) was a moving day. We didn’t have the availability we wanted for the whole three weeks, so we had to split our time between a motel and a cottage. Therefore, we spent much of the morning loading, unloading, and resettling.

After lunch, we decided to head to Charlottetown to check out where I will be attending photography boot camp on Monday. Holland College offers a variety of “boot camps” on many different points of interest. As I am here to do illustrated poetry, this one was a good choice for me. In Charlottetown, there are a number of attractions including the official Anne of Green Gables Store and Cows Ice Cream (Voted Number one in the World). We decided to try a sample of salted caramels at the Anne of Green Gable’s Store (AMAZING!) and some Cow’s ice cream. It was definitely delicious (We got Messie Bessie–Toffee bar, chocolate, and caramel–and Chocolate chunky mint.), but we don’t think it’s the best. Then, we got groceries. (Note to out of towners: Charlottetown has cheaper prices and better selections on groceries than the small towns.)

Initial view

When we got home, we decided to head down to the beach to get some good sunset pictures. It was the perfect sky with just the right amount of fluffy clouds to catch the light beautifully. We explored the beach, picked the perfect spot, and settled in to wait. As the light changed, we kept noticing different features in the sky and landscape.

I noticed the line of black clouds moving in. The patch of sunlight started to narrow, and I went to explore higher up to see if there was a better view. A women we had spoken to earlier walked by and commented, “I think you’re out of luck on the sunset.” I walked back down and the clouds we really moving in. My mom and I had the classic pre-storm conversation:

Still Hoping

Me: Man, that black cloud is heading our way.

Mom: No, it isn’t. The wind’s blowing that way, see. The sky’s light over there. Look at how clearly you can see the rocks underneath the water now.

Me: Neat! Look at those sea gulls. That’d be a cool picture. Man, those clouds are amazing. Whoa! The wind’s picking up.

Run for it!

About 10 seconds later the storm was overhead, complete with gale force winds, and I went from trying to see if the sea gulls would show up against the black cloud to praying, “Please let me get home before that lets loose!” (Since we had opted to walk down to the beach, we had about a half mile walk back amidst mist and swirling wind.)

Thankfully, I did make it home mostly dry and revived with a nice cup of hot chocolate, but I never got my sunset picture–or the cool sea gulls.

However, when we got home, mom read us the beginning of a poem by Lucy Maud Montgomery called “Before Storm.” In it, Montgomery captures so many of the images we saw tonight.

The first stanza goes like this:

There’s a grayness over the harbor like fear on the face of a woman,
The sob of the waves has a sound akin to a woman’s cry,
And the deeps beyond the bar are moaning with evil presage
Of a storm that will leap from its lair in that dour north-eastern sky …

I think that about sums it up.