We began this morning attending the Baptist church in Cavendish. While I don’t believe it is the church Lucy Maud Montgomery attended, she did take a lot of pictures of it, so I will have to look for that connection.

Strawberry Festival

After lunch, we headed back to the Bideford Museum for the 12th Annual Strawberry Festival. They had a musical group playing music, strawberry shortcake with icecream and whipped cream for everyone with the price of admission, a flea market, and a number of games and competitions. My nieces entered a number of games and received prizes for everything they did well in. My mom and I entered the “Clothes Hanging Competition.” One of the local ladies had written a book called A Fine Line after interviewing hundreds of ladies on the proper way to hang clothes and what judgements they made about their neighbors due to the lines they hung. My mother and I took second and third place respectively. (Unfortunately, there were only 3 contestants, but we also got to take home prizes.)

The second place clothesline (Mom)

After that, we decided to take a trip down the West Coast of the Island. There are numerous beaches and wharfs to choose from. We began with Northport and headed all the way down to West Point, taking various detours along the beach. Finally, we got our dinner and sat and watched the sunset over the water. Though we got home at 11:00 at night, it was definitely worth waiting for!

Sunset on West Point Beach

Tomorrow, I’m off to photography boot camp.