Matthew picks Anne up from the train station

We spent the day today (7/29/11) at Avonlea Village. I expected it to just be a number of vignettes from the Anne of Green Gables series, but there are actually a number of historically accurate buildings as well.

One of the neat features of the Village is that each pass is actually for two days, so if you miss some of the vignettes or shows, you can catch them another day. They cover the major scenes from the Anne story: her first meeting with Matthew and Marilla, apologizing to Rachael Lind, smashing her slate on Gilbert’s head, getting Diana drunk, and Anne dying her hair green. Also, characters from the story walk the streets, work in different stores, and run games and dances for children.

In the middle of the vignettes, there are a number of musical productions, which feature performers from local Ceilidhs, and feature wonderful singing and dancing. There also is a square dance for both children and adults.

Historically, there are a number of buildings significant to L.M. Montgomery that have been moved here for audiences to see. They include the school house where she taught, the church she attended, and the manse she lived in. Additionally–and the coolest thing for me–they have a collection of her photographs, including places that were important to her, as well as family members, scenes, and buildings.

Montgomery's landscape collection

We had intended to attend a Ceilidh in the evening, but found out upon arrival that it was not free as we assumed. For those visitors planning to come to the island, the newspaper “The Buzz” tells all the events the island offers. We also got an insert of Ceilidhs, but some had costs listed, so we assumed the others were free–a wrong assumption, it turned out. But, the Preserve Company offers a free afternoon Ceilidh, so we are planning to check that out. New adventures tomorrow…