Montgomery's organ

Today (7/31/11) was an amazing day. We went to church this morning at the Historic Cavendish Union church. This was the church Lucy Maud Montgomery attended, and where she played the organ from 1903-1911. In her journals, she refers to its being torn down and rebuilt as a sad thing, since it represented so many memories for her. The organ she donated is still in the church, so that was cool to see.

After lunch, we decided to head over to Greenwich. I had heard from a number of people in my photography bootcamp class that this was one of the “best kept secrets” on the island. We were ordered to go and “take the long trail.” When we arrived, we identified “the long trail” as the one to the Dunes. The trail takes you through the woods, then over a floating bridge, and finally to an amazing white sand beach. We walked along the beach looking for sea glass, taking pictures, and avoiding the jellyfish that had washed up on the beach. It was indeed beautiful.

View of the Dunes from the Floating Bridge

We finished about dinner time, so we decided to check out Georgetown while we were on that side of the island. It’s an old fishing town. We didn’t spend a lot of time exploring there, but had the neatest treat on the way there. As we were driving, we noticed two huge birds hovering around the side of the road. “Are those…?”–We got closer–“EAGLES!” They flew up when we approached, but one landed in a nearby tree. Quivering with excitement, I got out and took a few tree pictures before it took off. AMAZING!

Bald Eagle taking off

Then, we headed home. The sky had such amazing cloud structures, I was sure it was going to be an amazing sunset, so I dropped off mom and the girls and headed down to Stanley Bridge to see if I could get the sun reflected off the water. I could 🙂 Amazingly breath taking day. As tomorrow’s a sunny day, I may do more staged shots then–we’ll see…

Stanley Bridge Sunset