No pictures during the show--this is the opening set.

Saturday (7/30/11) was a rainy day here, so I worked on typing a few of the huge volume of L.M. Montgomery poetry I have with me. In the evening, we went to the Anne of Green Gables musical. The program proclaimed that after 47 years of using the same sets, this year they have the “new and reimagined” Anne of Green Gables. I groaned inwardly. I HATE when people “update” things. (And I hate books that are made into movies that don’t follow the books–but that’s another story.) Anyway, it ended up being very well done and an enjoyable experience. We commented on the characters–Anne had amazing facial expressions, Matthew wasn’t shy enough, etc…My mom made the classic slip that “Gilbert was meaner than he is in real life.” We all laughed. “In real life.” Isn’t that the way that we think of them? It’s amazing how the first people to set a character in your mind sets the way it should be. I just wish I had been there to see the “Classic” one too.

One cool surprise for me was that Mrs. Spencer was played by a woman I have seen in the Emily of New Moon series (She plays Rhoda’s mom). That was a fun connection to another one of L.M. Montgomery’s works. I’m looking forward to seeing Anne and Gilbert on Tuesday to compare.