The Avonlea church

Today (8/1/11) we went to Orwell Corner. This is a historic village which houses the Agricultural Museum for P.E.I. But, the major attraction for us was that it served as a shooting location in the Sullivan series “Road to Avonlea.” It is the site of the church used in the series, as well as Jasper Dale’s Barn and out buildings. Though they were short- staffed so some of the activities weren’t held, we had a great time hand-dipping candles, which we got to keep, and taking a wagon ride through the village. We could tour a number of the buildings, which was neat as well.

Jasper Dale's Barns

After spending a few hours there, we went through Stratford and see if we could get out to see some more of the lighthouses, but there were no easy ways out there, so we came home. I drove around locally, seeing what I could find, and got a few more hilltop views of the island. Rain is predicted for the next few days, so we’ll see what we end up with. If it’s nice, we could check out Victoria and “Gus’s Lighthouse.”