Story telling scene in "Follow the Fiddler"

Today (8/2/11), was supposed to be a rainy day, but it was clear when we woke up, so we decided to risk going to Victoria. Victoria doesn’t have anything to do with Lucy Maud Montgomery (Though the Victoria Women’s Institute managed to secure a grant by convincing the committee that it did because Anne and Gilbert: The Musical debuted there.), but it was on the way to “Gus’s Lighthouse” from the Road to Avonlea series, so we decided to stop in.

Victoria has the major attraction of a program called “Follow the Fiddler.” This is an incredibly imaginative way of telling the history of Victoria through a walking tour complete with fiddling, story telling, puppets, and an amazing finale with singing and dancing. It was definitely worth the price of admission ($18 for adults, kids 14 & under a free.) It actually ended up a connection to Montgomery after all, though. The finale featured the PEI anthem, written by Lucy Maud Montgomery herself (Unfortunately, I realized that too late to record it…).

Opening scene of the movies recreated

After that we headed to Seacow Head where “Gus’s Lighthouse” from the Road to Avonlea series is located (As well as some of the intro shots in Anne of Green Gables. It was amazing to see, though a storm was coming in, so it wasn’t as nice as it otherwise would have been. It’s been cool to rewatch the episodes and identify places we’ve been (Jasper’s barns and the lighthouse were featured on today’s episonde.)

L.M. Montgomery's School house in Lower Bedeque

Leaving there, we were planning on just heading to Summerside where we would catch Anne and Gilbert: The Musical, but as we were driving through Bedeque, I remembered that Lower Bedeque was the location of one of the schools L.M. Montgomery taught at during her three years of teaching. We located the building–the museum was closed–and were able to take a few pictures, a difficult task while trying to swat mosquitoes with the hand NOT holding the camera. I may revisit there again to see what all is inside the school house.

Evening at Summerside

Finally, we went to Anne and Gilbert: The Musical. We were super early, so I got to take a few evening pictures around Summerside. Then, it was time to start. The musical was very fun! I think we all enjoyed it better than Anne of Green Gables because we were so familiar with that story, while this one was an entirely unique story using the same characters. The kids loved it and were even singing songs from the production on the way home. Very well done indeed. Tomorrow, it’s another rainy day, so back to Charlottetown to research and then to Bideford for Wednesday Evenings with L.M. Montgomery.