Hollyhock in the Green Gables garden

We are getting to the point in our trip where we’ve visited most of the major attractions and are now trying to fill in the gaps. Today (8/5/11), it was cloudy in the morning, so I typed a few things, getting ready for all I have to put together. Then, mom and I decided to revisit Green Gables. Last time we were there, we had spent the majority of our time in the Haunted Woods, so we decided to walk the entirety of Lover’s Lane. I was trying to find a picture Lucy Maud Montgomery had taken of the end of Lover’s Lane. Unfortunately, now the end of Lover’s Lane is netting put up by the golf course that’s in and around Green Gables. (A sacrilege, I think…) I did, however get some cool pictures of the garden since the sun was out.

After that, we decided to go to the beach to look for sea glass. I had checked the schedule of the tides, so I knew when we might find something. I found more amazing agate than sea glass, but did manage to find about six pieces. We have another spot to check another time.

Sunset in Cavendish

We finished off the evening sunset chasing–this time to the grocery store, but it had a cool woods behind it. Tomorrow, we’re back to Avonlea Village to see what else we can discover there.