Gilbert and Moody sword fighting

Our pass for Avonlea Village was good for two days, so today (8/6/11), we decided to use our other day. I thought it might be boring going to the same things, but it was an even better experience the second time. One thing I knew, but hadn’t registered, is that there are different actors that come and go, so every day is unique. For today’s cast, Gertie Pye was absent, Moody Spurgeon McPherson was added, the former Josie was playing Diana, and there was a new Josie Pye. The principal actors remained the same, but there is a different dynamic when different people come in, and the girls especially loved Moody (largely because he provided another boy to keep Gilbert company, and the two ran all over town, sword fighting and tormenting the girls of the cast.) Additionally, the script is altered by the addition and subtraction of other characters. Another fun change was the addition of men’s swimwear to the fashion show with Gilbert and Moody modeling 1900’s swimwear.

Square Dance with the cast

The girls also participated in hair braiding with Anne and Diana, and I was reminded again how versatile these actors have to be to be able to perform all over town (ad-libbing both dialogue and activities), sing, dance, and relate well with children. It’s a tall order for them. We also learned that Gilbert (in addition to playing guitar, trumpet, singing, and playing with children) is getting ready for medical school (like the “real” Gilbert Blythe), so this may be his last summer as Gilbert. It was an amazing afternoon.

Then, in the evening, we attended a Ceilidh. Almost every piece of literature promoting PEI recommends this as a necessary part of the island experience, and after attending, I would agree. There are Ceilidh’s every night of the week somewhere on the island, so it’s very easy to attend. At first we thought some of them were free because the price wasn’t posted, but that isn’t the case. The only free one I’m aware of is at the Preserve Company for the lunchtime hour.

The girls with Richard Wood "backstage"

When we knew they all cost, we decided to ask the group at Avonlea Village (which is made up of a few Ceilidh groups) which one would be the best. The bass player recommended Richard Wood, as he’s “the best fiddler on the island.” It was indeed an unforgettable evening. After the show, his girlfriend suggested we go meet him, so we took the girls whom he gave autographs. That was definitely one of the most memorable experiences they have had here.