King farm and barns (Road to Avonlea)

After spending some time at L.M.Montgomery’s Leaskdale home, we went on a quest for all things Anne. I had found a wonderful resource in , which listed a number of sites and exactly what buildings were used in which scenes. So, armed with minimal mapping and the GPS, we set out. Here are our findings:

The Avonlea Church (Pine Grove)

First, we went to the town of Uxbridge, which is the filming location for the Road to Avonlea series. Unfortunately for fans, all of the sets have long since been removed, except for the house and barn, which were used for the King house and barn. These are private property, but both can be viewed from the road (6th Concession Road near Goodwood). If you go around the corner (Goodwood and 7th Concession Road), you can find the Pine Grove church, which was used as the Avonlea church in both the Anne series and the Road to Avonlea.

Diana Barry’s and the Manse

From there, we headed to Gormley. The house used for Diana Barry’s house (also for the Minister’s House in Road to Avonlea) is located just outside the gate to Bruce’s Mill Conservation Area. Supposedly, the bridge on which Anne and Gilbert kiss is there as well, but I think that’s back in the park–you have to pay to get in on weekends, so we decided to explore that further on a weekday. The directions on the website were unclear, so I found a site I thought might be it, but I don’t think so.

Avonlea school house and lane

Finally, we tried to find the Simcoe County Museum, which had the building used for the Avonlea school house and the lane on which Anne and Diana walked when the boys threw berries at them. It is not on the street indicated by the website, but we got directions at a local store and found it with minimal problems. By getting there right at closing (4:30), we were able to skip the cost of admission and just take a few pictures, but as there are a number of historic buildings around, I’m sure it would be worth the time spent.

Stay tuned for more Anne sites to come.