Cannon fire at Jamestown Settlement

(7/7/12) We had decided to get the Historic Triangle tickets (which offer entrance to all 5 historic sites: Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown Settlement, Historic Jamestowne, Yorktown Battlefield, and Yorktown Victory Center.) Since we’re going to be in this part of Virginia for a week, it was the perfect choice, which offered us freedom to come and go between the sites as we liked. We had gotten a great deal on our tickets through Jamestown Settlement, so since we had to go there to pick them up, we decided to make a day of it.

It was blisteringly hot, which didn’t just affect us, but the whole settlement (for example they didn’t have glass blowing because it was too hot). Due to the heat, there were fewer reenactors, but those who were there still put on an amazing show. In addition to all the traditional shots of trying on armor and standing on the ships, an especially fun addition this year was the firing of a cannon, rather than just the traditional musket fire. Additionally, they conscripted audience members to serve as volunteers to learn the various jobs needed to fire the cannon. My students were volunteered (by us) and each got to learn a different job.

Jamestown Settlement also offers a wonderful, air-conditioned museum, which was a great way to cool down when we got too hot. It offers displays and films from the three cultures which united at Jamestowne: Native American, African, and Euro-American. Additionally, they offer a circular film which gives the history of the Jamestowne Settlement and what it required for us to establish a nation. Though the weather was brutal, we had an amazing time.