The scenery along the way

(7/6/12) We haven’t had wi-fi this week, so I will gradually be catching up to current. Our journey began at 5 in the morning with the 13 hour drive from Indiana to Virginia. While flying is definitely faster and easier, there’s just something about a cross-country drive that not only gives you access to amazing scenery, but also allows time for conversation and reflection. We had an incredible drive just discussing life and enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. Depending on the driver, we listened to everything from Sinatra and 40’s pop to Alternative Rock to Christian, with everything in between.

Got it 🙂 Fireworks over the Governor’s Mansion

We had planned our arrival to get to Colonial Williamsburg in time to see a presentation on the Palace Green. Colonial Williamsburg had a presentation celebrating out independence in which they first told the story of our quest for freedom and then had an amazing display of fireworks over the Governor’s mansion (One of my students got an amazing shot, which I may post if I can get it.) Then, time to settle in for an amazing adventure. More to come.