Statue of John Smith at Historic Jamestowne

(7/8/12) Since visiting Jamestown Settlement yesterday, we opted to continue our Jamestowne experience with a visit to Historic Jamestowne (after attending church in the morning). Just a few miles down the Colonial Parkway from the Settlement, Historic Jamestowne is the actual site of the first permanent English Colony. I particularly enjoy this site because of the amazing richness of the displays they have. While the heat index was 120 degrees, we still had a great time.

On this visit, I was impressed by all the areas in which archaeological digs are being done. While they were not excavating on Sunday, there were at least 5 sites being examined and additional reconstruction work being done. No matter how often you visit, there is always something new to see. This site also offers a museum which contains artifacts found on the actual Jamestowne location. One of my favorite exhibits is a casting (the original is in the Smithsonian) of a skeleton found on the site. His mouth is open in a screaming position and there is a musket ball lodged in his leg. For me, it is the perfect picture of the real people who struggled here and what they faced.