Reading a Proclamation

(7/9/12) One of my favorite places in the world is Colonial Williamsburg. For those unfamiliar with it, this area is one of (if not the) largest outdoor living history museums. It was especially fun for me to have students with me to see everything. Watching someone else watch something gives you an entirely different perspective.

Volunteering for the Militia

For anyone visiting Colonial Williamsburg, one should know that in addition to the amazing architecture of the city, they also do a series of living history sketches. The street drama performances take the audience all over the city to a variety of buildings and gardens as they follow the path of the revolution. These dramas take place as a series of conversations between actors and actresses, but there is also a great deal of ad libbing from other actors stationed around the crowd that makes it a lot of fun. To get the entire story of the revolution, one needs to go two consecutive days or an even day and an odd day, as there is a two-day cycle of the dramas performed. My students volunteered to join the army and pledged to defend the honor of Virginia and the safety of their fellow citizens. It was an amazing amount of fun.

The Capitol Building

After that, we toured the city, where some special highlights included the Magazine, which is the storehouse for weapons, and the Governor’s Mansion and gardens, which in addition to being beautiful, hosted a maze. This was also fun for my students to explore.

We went home for dinner, then returned after “the city had closed” to tour a number of the shops and generally explore the grounds and play. From the history side to the fun side, it was an another incredible day.