The Crater

(7/10/12) We got up early to head to Petersburg National Battlefield. We had planned to head to the crater, but some issues with the GPS led us to the Park Headquarters instead of the Crater. It ended up being an amazing trip, though, since we ended up on a side of the park I’d never seen before: The Five Forks Battlefield. It was a neat area with a number of trails, which we hiked. It was an amazing experience to walk through the woods and imagine what it must have been like for those who battled here. Five Forks was actually the last place the soldiers struggled before retreating to Appomattox.

After hiking around, we explored the crater. For those unfamiliar with the story, Petersburg was under a siege. The Union army utilized the skills of sever soldiers who had been miners to dig their way underground until they were directly under the Confederate lines. They packed the area with explosives, which blew out a huge section of the wall, launched two cannons in the air, and created a crater in the ground which is still visible today. It is an incredible site to behold and well worth the trip.