The marker at Prophet’s Rock

I have previously blogged about treasure of Tippecanoe, nestled right along I-65 near West Lafayette in Indiana. Last time I went–almost a year ago–we had hiked the trail to Prophet’s Rock and had been unable to find it. Recently, as I was driving home from Indianapolis, I was enjoying the drive and it was still early, so I thought, “What the heck. I’ll give it another try.” I turned off the highway, and as I started to turn the corner towards the park, I read the street sign: Prophet’s Road. “No way,” I thought, “SURELY it’s not that easy.” I drove the winding road down a ways and flew past a tiny pull-off. It’s one of those “If you blink, you’ll miss it” locations.

Still, I drove a little further, since the spot where the sign for the walking trail we had taken was about half a mile further up. I kept driving, and didn’t see anything else, so I turned around and headed back. From the opposite way, the pull-off is much easier to spot. I parked and walked towards the tiny marker I had seen. It stated: “Prophet’s Rock Where the prophet sat and sang to encourage the Indians in the battle of November 7th, 1811.” I thought, “Man, that’s a tiny rock to sit on.”

Prophet’s Rock–I can almost picture him sitting on the cave ledge.

Then, I looked up the hill behind the marker. Hidden from the road so that it wouldn’t be visible except to those who ventured further into the woods was a massive rock with a tiny cave area carved out. “OOOOhhhh–THAT’s where he sat.” Climbing up that hill and seeing that spot was an incredible experience.

Sunset over Tippecanoe

I enjoyed the rest of my walk and went on my way. Later, I would bring my niece back. We tried to figure how the trail the park sends you on could possibly get to the point where the rock actually is. Truthfully, I have no idea. But, to their benefit, we didn’t re-walk that trail (the park closes at dusk.) We were, however, in time to catch a glorious sunset. Definitely worth the detour!