Lower end of Rainbow Falls

Lower end of Rainbow Falls

Today, after celebrating Christmas (And planning for next quarter, which was making me stir crazy), we decided to set off on another adventure. We definitely got more than we bargained for. In light of the Christmas season, I have added two more items to the list of things I’m thankful for: guard rails and shoulders on roads.

We were attempting to find the spot labeled on the map as “Historic Nature Trail.” Had the Visitor Center been open, we might have avoided the hassle, but exploring is always an adventure. We discovered, after having to turn around on a one lane sized two lane road with no guard rail, lines, or shoulder–and on about a 55 degree angle–that Roaring Fork Road not only has several versions of itself, but also many of them involve treacherous driving conditions not for the faint of heart. After turning around, we decided to take the “through town” route, and turned at light 8, which ended up taking us right where we wanted to be.

However, even then, we were not in the right place. The “Historic Nature Trail” is merely a loop around town from light 8 back to light 6. Though hilly, there is not much “nature” to be seen–just a couple of condos.

Finally, we went back to light 8, to the fork, and this time took the Historic Motor Nature Trail. This time, we were greeted with beautiful falls and historic cabins. There are a number of pull-offs and many trails to explore. By now, however, it was starting to get dark, so we only had time to explore one of the streams coming off Rainbow Falls. Alas, perhaps another day…