As a lover of history and one who is also doing a Kickstarter project, I wanted to make others aware of this need.

Belle Grove Plantation Bed and Breakfast

March 25, 2015

When we first moved into Belle Grove Plantation, one of the things we needed to do was to take down several trees. But in true fashion, I didn’t want to just take them down and send them to the dump. One tree, the mulberry located right in front of the house, was one that I knew was pretty old. I would later find out it was over 200 years old. That means it was live during James Madison’s lifetime.

So I reached out to our blog followers and had two woodworking guilds come front to help me preserve our “Witness Wood”. One of these was Historic Pens of New Jersey. Bob and his master craftsmen find “Witness Wood” from locations like Gettysburg, Independence Hall, The Boardwalk in New Jersey and turn them into some of the most beautiful pens you have every seen. They have created pens…

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