Stamp cards that help you trace the changes in Poland through the War

Stamp cards that help you trace the changes in Poland through the War

For out last day in Poland (6/27/15), we spent the morning touring the Schindler Factory Museum.  This is by far the coolest museum I have ever been in (Which is saying something, as I’ve been in museum’s all over the United States and around the world.)  The attention to every detail was incredible.  The museum traces the journey through the war.  Though it is called the Schindler Factory Museum, this is because it was Schindler’s Factory–the Museum covers World War II, not just Oskar Schindler.  Every time we turned the corner, it took our breath away.  From the floor which varied from cobblestones, to planks, to gravel to tile, depending on the area you were to be in, to the interactive screens, to sound effects, to artifacts, this museum truly outdoes anything you’ve ever seen.  I easily could have spent the entire day in there.

We had bought the combination ticket (Three museums for less than $7,00), so we also went back to the Pharmacy by the chair memorial.  It was much smaller than the Schindler Factory, but still offered some cool details.  We had wanted to check out the Resistance Museum as well, but there just wasn’t time.  Instead, we spent the afternoon and evening just roaming around the square.  We will definitely miss this place on so many levels.

Flower Market in the Market Square

Flower Market in the Market Square

So, in case I forget, here’s a list of things I will miss about Poland:

1.  The sound of horse’s hooves on cobblestones as the horse drawn carriages run underneath our window

2.  Gelatto every 10th store or so (and eating it several times a day)

3.  Walks to the square where you are safe enough to walk alone, yet usually run into someone from the hundred members of our team.

4.  Architecture that is older than our country

5.  The bugler who plays every hour from the clock tower

6.  Eva Kor–her humor and her stories

7.  Street performers (usually Break Dancing) in the square

8.  Outdoor restaurants that have blankets on the chairs as standard procedure in case you get cold.

9.  Castles and Cathedrals

10.  Sharing an incredible experience with strangers who feel like you’ve known them forever.