View from the Mountain Road

Today (7/20/12) we began the thirteen hour drive home. Later, my mom would say, “I hope you had sense enough to go the way you know instead of follow the GPS.” Nope. I guess not. But, as usual, I love seeing things along a different road. So while this journey took us through the mountains around constant curves, it also afforded us one of the best views of the trip.

Mothman statue in Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Another detour we took was to Point Pleasant, West Virginia. One of my student’s girlfriends had been reading the legend of the Mothman and was intrigued by it, so he wanted to check it out. Since it wasn’t too far out of our way, we decided to detour. Though my students thought the town looked like the perfect backdrop to a horror movie (which the Mothman kind of is), we met a number of friendly people who were more than willing to help us out and answer questions. For those unfamiliar with the Mothman, he is supposedly a man-like creature with ten foot wings. He apparently appeared in the late 60’s, had several sightings, then disappeared when the Silver Bridge collapsed, giving rise to the belief that he was an omen of bad times. For those interested in the paranormal, the 10th anniversary of the Mothman festival is September 15, 2012. Our group enjoyed the sites, though they did feel lucky to get out alive, especially after dining at Ironsides, which has incredible food, but quite the horror film atmosphere. We definitely made a memory–the conclusion of MANY on this trip.